Thursday, 28 January 2016

Which is the temperature at the core of fresh filled pasta?

Temperature measurement at the core of fresh filled pasta is not trivial and the wrong placement of the temperature sensor may give wrong information.
Lethality values, calculcated in PU (Pasteurisation Units), obtained from a wrong placement are generally greater than the expected.

The temperature sensor is generally at 2-3 mm from the tip and this sensitive part should be at the core of the filling. More, although stainless steel is not among the best heat conductors, some heat is conducted from the tip or the body of the probe.
It is very important that the tip doesn't exit from the pasta to avoid to measure the ambient temperature and not the filling temperature and get PUs values greater than the expected.

More than one piece of product should be stuck on the probe if the probe is much longer than the piece of fresh filled pasta in order to cove most of the probe.

P-Micro series fits this application thanks to fast response time, very important for processes lasting from 90 to 180 seconds and small size when there are narrow spaces for instrumentation.

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